Things I LOVE Thursday…. Mirabella Skin Tint Cream: Perfect Pale!

I’m committed to this blogging thing, so even though my mom is sitting on the couch with foils in her hair I thought I would take a minute to give you the latest installment of Things I LOVE….

On a side note:  I colored Mom’s hair in the kitchen while rocking out to Alan Jackson.  It was awesome to say the least.  I’ve been waiting to break out Matt’s new cd’s and listen to them with her!  (I SHOULD mention that Dad is here too… we like him.  He just doesn’t sing so good)

But, seriously, I have been dying to tell the world about my new makeup!  It’s Mirabella’s new skin tint cream.  I first discovered Mirabella makeup at the beauty supply house a couple of years ago.  I loved it because the palest shade was actually pale enough for me!  Can you imagine how I felt when they announced that they were changing it???  Devastated.  Fearful.  Compulsive.  I bought every shade 1 I could find!!!

Well, I ran out.  I had to buy the new stuff…..

Would you believe I absolutely love, Love, LOVE IT????  Not only did it maintain its paleness, but got just a little paler to boot!  They now have 1 Cool and 1 Neutral!!!  Here’s a shade chart of all their shades…..

Now, I have to admit that I’m not sure where you can buy it if you’re not a cosmetologist.  I’m sure there are places online.  I haven’t looked for them.  Maybe some day I will, but tonight my mom is sitting here with foil on her head (I’d take a  picture, but I’m pretty sure I’d die) and my dad is asking me about how to search for something on his computer (um, can we say Google?  slash I have no idea how to use one of those windows machines anymore!)

I digress.  Someday I might look up online stores for Mirabella for you.  If we are friends, and you are pale…. I might even help you locate some of your own.  HA!  It’s great for more reasons than paleness…. so smooth, good coverage, fresh clean scent….. I love it!  You would too.  The end.


Thing I LOVE Thursday…. Katy Perry Nail Polish

So, I hate to admit this…. but I’m going to anyways.  OPI came out with this new Katy Perry nail polish, including a shade called Black Shatter and I LOVE it!!!!

The lighter pink and blue are crazy glitter colors, similar to what I wore while in high school, but when you paint the Black Shatter over it, You get a crazy cool affect….

Yes, I am thirty.

Yes, I love this nail polish anyways (well, not this funky gold color in the above picture)

Sue me.