Bulletin Board Squares!

In my blogging silence, we have been busy around the house!  And no, there are no announcements to be made other than those of sweet deals, little projects, and a slight obsession with the Dave Ramsey show.

The ongoing project in our house has been the bulletin board squares Matt made for our living room 🙂  Late this summer I saw a Crate & Barrel catalog that had a similar item in it….. but they only had two colors and wanted $20 a piece for the little buggers!  Matt & I got to thinking… and made our own!

I am excited for this to become the center of organization in our house!  The next thought is of a little cubbie to hold some push pins, ink pens, and notecards!

In other news…. we have the means to recreate these handy little squares if anyone is dying to have a set!  They are about a foot square and covered with some simple fabric….  I have scraps of red & gray…. or could easily find something else! Email if interested and we can talk….. amclaus@gmail.com