One Month (and two days)

One month ago our precious Susanna Marie made her appearance in this world and in our lives….

Needless to say, she has changed a LOT over the last month!

One Month

She is one LONG baby… ranking in the 95th percentile.  Her hair, which was plentiful to begin with, has grown a lot in the last month, and she can sport quite the flock of seagulls fauxhawk look.  She has rolled over from back to stomach about three times… all while on the couch, so we only partially count it as rolling over.  She has begun to ‘practice’ smiling… we say practice because it isn’t AT us, it’s just while she’s asleep or  after she’s passed some gas!  On the average,,she only wakes up once a night, and lets Mom sleep in two four to five hour segments.  This means that she eats every two hours on the dot during the morning and afternoon, but I’ll take that 🙂

I am doing great!  My blood pressure is returning to normal after having preclampsia, and my body is recovered quite well.  I am thankful that we are starting to settle into a bit of a routine, and extremely glad that we usually only have one bad night or bad day at a time, and then she goes back to my happy laid back little baby.  I am extremely happy to be staying home!  I am also equally as excited to leave the house when the opportunity presents itself, and I’m learning to be proficient at lugging her around on the bus with stroller and all!

We’ve been blessed with a lot of yummy meals from our friends, which is coming to a close this week.  So, I am looking forward to returning to my kitchen full time!  I am sure that it is going to be an adventure learning to cook with baby girl afoot!  It gives me great motivation to finish my baby carrier 🙂

Matt seems to be adjusting well to fatherhood.  He really enjoyed getting to feed her in the hospital (she was in the NICU and I was on bedrest) and we’ve kept that as part of our evening routine… daddy does the bedtime feeding.  He has taken to calling Susanna ‘pumpkin’ and it’s quite adorable 🙂

In other news, I am excited to have a few baby free excursions planned for next week 🙂  It is kind of convenient to have a live in baby sitter, and a one month old who takes a bottle!  We’re going to go out for dinner to celebrate Matt’s birthday on Wednesday and then on Saturday we’re going to have dinner out at Blue Moon to celebrate Autumn’s birthday.  I’m looking forward to it, though I still have a hard time thinking about being separated from baby girl…



I’m totally worn out from my life the past month!  Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks, and I am SOOO looking forward to it, besides it also happens to be the lovely Megan Blair’s wedding day!  I figured this called for a round of quick-e’s slash my random thoughts of the week…

  • Keeping up the the dishes has been somewhat of a fail this week:  go figure.
  • Matt is coming home early tonight from work since he went in at ten this morning.  I’m trying to decide if i should stay awake til he gets home and call it an early night, or take a nap, like I want to and be up until all hours….
  • I have learned from Martha that soaking dairy caked dishes in cold water helps clean them better.
  • This week, while holding a large pan of lasagna, a cutting board fell on my foot.  I still don’t have full range of motion, and if the bruise gets particularly ugly I may post a picture.
  • Somehow all of my flip flops are covered in sawdust and spray paint.
  • I finally made my cheeseburger quesadillas, and they were epic.  I’m going to post a recipe soon!  And photos, you know how it goes.
  • On that note, I managed to provide enough food this week that my dear husband didn’t have to eat a single sandwich 🙂 (somewhere in the middle of the month he may or may not have had nothing but for a few days 😦 )
  • I DID clean the bathroom this week
  • I badly need a pedicure.  I’m too lazy to do it myself, and too ‘frugal’ to pay for one.  So, I’ll be leaving the purple polish where it is for a few days 🙂

Alright, that’s all for tonight…  I’m going to take a few days off, and with any luck I’ll be back on Monday with cheeseburger quesadillas!

The Wife of My Husband’s Dreams…

If you have ever been one of those lucky people to live with me or, better yet, one of the lucky few to have shared an actual bedroom with me, you can testify without a shadow of a doubt that the following statement is true:

I am a messy.  I leave my stuff laying around.  And, it takes me a long time for it to bother me enough to DO something about it.

The greatest perpetrator in this throughout history is my laundry:  there is a pile system, and the hamper.  Often times I have a few pairs of semi-clean jeans/work pants that have been worn once, and will be worn again before washing.  There is the stack of things that came off of hangers, and were tried on but rejected for public viewing.  Usually the pjs are thrown somewhere near the bed.  Last but not least:  there is the hamper which houses the dirty laundry.

In recent days… namely the last year and a half, the laundry is much more controlled than it ever has been thanks to a few closet hooks, and a very small bedroom.  However, I have managed to spread myself throughout the entire 876 square feet of our home.  There is now the lunch bag slash purse slash whatever stuff I take to work and bring home pile.  Then, there is the pile of currently reading library books… and let’s be honest, sometimes there are two of those piles!  There is the constant rotation of dirty dishes in the kitchen from various cooking projects.  An assortment of acrylic paints and sponge brushes and various widths of painter’s tape in the basement.  The puzzle of Cinderella’s castle I started putting together, but haven’t had much of a life enough to finish in the past month….  I think you get the picture.

Enter my dearly beloved husband into my life:  he greatly appreciates a clutter-free and clean home, and was able to maintain said cleanliness in his many years as a bachelor.  For him, a clutter free home means he can be at peace, he can relax, he can rest.  If he comes home and sees clutter or messies, he just thinks of the stuff that he needs to do.

Enter my Mosaic training classes this month.

A couple weeks ago, I had a safety class.  They talked about how when we have someone living with us it is important to provide them a clean, safe environment.  This means no clutter, a clean toilet, organized book piles, and so on, and so forth.  This is good, this makes sense.  IT ALSO FREAKS ME OUT!!!  Yes, I have an amazingly wonderful husband who will be a great help to me, but the truth is:  I got to get my act together!!!!

In short, I was expressing my great anguish over the subject at small group a couple weeks ago, my dear, dear friend chuckled and said, “Well, now Matt will have the wife of his dreams.”  AGH!  SO TRUE!

Enter my newest acquisition:  Martha Stweart’s Homekeeping Handbook.  I checked it out at the library last week, and ordered me a copy today on amazon.  My first goal, aim, challenge in becoming the wife of my husband’s dreams lies in Martha’s six things to do everyday checklist:

  • Make the bed
  • Manage clutter
  • Sort the mail
  • Clean as you cook
  • Wipe up spills when they’re fresh
  • Sweep the kitchen floor.

I can’t say that I’ve become accomplished at these tasks, but have surprisingly come a long way!!!  The thing that I am most amazed with is cleaning up spills when they happen:  namely on the stove top!  It’s SO easy to keep the stove top clean now 🙂  I love it!

Stay tuned, who knows what is going to happen as I dig deeper into Martha’s world of housekeeping!!

Painter’s Tape…


I snapped this last night after expertly removing this bundle of painter’s tape from the kubb pieces I was finishing up…  I kinda thought it looked cool.

In other news, my Monday Madness is over as of today… wohooo!  I am nearly trained, and won’t have to take any more classes until October! I will be celebrating by having two busy but very fun weekends ahead of me!

When Men Shop…..

Life was kinda chaotic this weekend, and I had to send Matt to the grocery store while I was at work to pick up a few things so I could make a batch of blondies for our small group potluck on Sunday eve.

My list was something like this:

  • baking powder
  • butter
  • chocolate chips
  • brown sugar.

Matt thought to ask if I wanted semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips.  He thought to ask if I wanted light or dark brown sugar.  And yet, when I came home, I was confronted with this:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen:  that is a one pound hunk of butter!  I forgot to mention that I wanted quarters 🙂  I LOVE my husband!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby 🙂

Things I LOVE Thursday…. um, I mean Saturday?

Thing 1 that I LOVE is simply this:

This is the sun.  Yes, I realize that it is going down.  However, it’s nearly five thirty!!  This, my friends is a sign that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel, and we will not be living in virtual darkness forever!

Thing I LOVE number 2 is this:

It is the tree in our front yard.  I smile every time I am walking home from the bus because I’ve decided that our ugly old tree does, in fact, look the like Hogwart’s Sorting Hat!

agree or disagree?

PS In case you wanted to know, I did in fact take these pictures while standing outside AND wearing short sleeves.


  • This is early for me to blog, but I’m babysitting tonight.
  • I randomly decided that I’m having a Pampered Chef party, and I’m very excited about it!
  • For a long time my pictures were turning out weird.  I realized that I had a smear on the lens of my camera.  Not weird anymore.
  • Can you buy coconut milk in a regular grocery store?  I’ve never tried before.
  • I tried what I will refer to as Greek roast last night in the crock pot…. was out of my usual so I used a beef bouillon cube, water, and Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning.   We shall see!
  • I think about babies all the time: shocker.
  • I can’t wait for summer, to get my hands on some tomatillos, and make my own salsa verde.
  • I think I’ve gotten over the hump of having moved.  Work is starting to be busy again, and I’m happy about that!  And, I finally feel like we’re in the best small group for us, and starting to make good relationships.
  • the end.