The Baby’s Room…

Naturally, with our first baby on the way, people have been asking me if I’m almost done setting up our nursery.  The answer to that question is yes, but no.  We have cleared out most of our stuff from the room, except for a few items that need to remain in non-basement storage.  We also added a chair rail into the room,a nd repainted….

The color I chose is tallpot palm from Sherwin Williams….  and I love it!  It’s bold and fun, yet sitting in the room is calming to me and peaceful.  My favorite part is that it stands out different from the rest of the house!  I love our house, and the paint colors we’ve chosen!  But, it’s fun to have something different, and more cool toned.

The other main project in the room itself is currently on pause…. we are redoing the built in closet slash storage area….

Previously this space had a weird gray brown trim with cream colored doors.   I simply wanted to strip the paint from the trim and repaint the doors, but we quickly realized there were many, many layers of paint on the trim and Matt decided to replace the trim entirely with new.  That went pretty smoothly.  Then, he went to rehang the doors and  soon realized that they were not even remotely square!

After some deliberation and a fair amount of research about alternate closet systems and methods, we simply decided to build new doors.  Matt had been steadily working on cutting out new doors when this summer’s weather and our crazy life would allow for the extra time and energy.  The plan was just to make new flush mounted doors like the space used to have, letting us reuse all the hinges and whatnot.

After much stress last week, we realized neither one of us like that plan!  For Matt, it has been very frustrating to get the doors cut out just right, and he’s been fearful of trying to hang them to look seamless and professional.  For me, I just didn’t like the look and would rather have doors that were surface mounted like cabinets.  How on EARTH we had not communicated this to one another before last week…. seriously, it has been months where this has been the plan… is beyond me!  He thought I wanted it put back like before, and I thought that he didn’t think it would structurally work to do it the other way.  Oh dear! I’m just glad we figured it out before it was too late!  I think we’re BOTH going to be happier and less stressed with the end result 🙂

Now, we wait.  My sister moved into the spare room over the weekend and will be staying with us until she gets settled here in Des Moines.  She has graciously agreed to put up with the lack of closet doors, and the green paint that doesn’t quite ‘go’ with her bedding.  We will be revisiting the door sitch once we have a clear design plan, and save up a little more moola to buy material again 🙂  (side note, I’m glad that I have plenty of other projects already in mind to reuse the wood we already have)

Baby girl will be residing in the living room slash our bedroom for the time being… and I have no real clue what I’m going to do to pull her room together!  Our next project is going to be to convert a dresser into a changing table, and refinish it.  I finally decided on a design concept for it today, and I’m kind of excited about it 🙂  Sadly, it will probably look just a little out of place in the living room over the next few months, but I’m sure we’ll get over it.


Because A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


In a little over 24 hours Matt and I took two pallets and created art…

The End.

What do you think?

Yes, I know:  I need something more than blackout roller shades for window treatments.  And, Yes:  I took these picture a little past midnight.


Best Two Dollars Ever Spent…

Over Labor Day weekend, I picked up this handy little shelf for two bucks at Savers in Minneapolis

We gave her a little makeover, along with another self we already had, and Matt hung them up for me

It took about ten minutes, and they looked a little like this

Don’t look at my canisters!  Seriously…. i’m getting new ones asap!  These are ugly, and cheap!  My favorite part is this…

is that all my vinegars are lined up so pretty 🙂  Yes, there are five of them: white, cider, white wine, rice, and balsamic.  Come to think of it there is some red wine vinegar in the fridge too, Matt kept it there in his bachelor days, and I have never moved it.

All my favorite spices, right here for my grabbing at a moment’s notice 🙂

Yes, those are my little dried Penzey’s herbs… I love ’em.


I’m glad to be back from the weekend, and even more glad to have had a three day weekend.  Lucky me, I’ll be getting another one this coming weekend!  It almost makes up for the insanity that was August!  Almost.

Yes, we went up to Ames for the weekend for my lovely friend Megan’s wedding…

Did you hear the one about the blonde, the brunette, and the redhead?  Muwahaha… totally kidding.  But, with three good friends who are readheads, many of my stories could start out like that 🙂 Anywho, that’s me, Megan, and Autumn…  there is so much to be said these two ladies:  I love them!  We’ve seen each other through some pretty trying times in life, and it was awesome to see Megan so happy on Saturday!

With the exception of the half hour of the wedding, and the eight hours I had to sleep  (it might have been seven) I spent the entire time talking… it was awesome!  In  some ways, I will always miss the days when all of my friends were single, and we had no real responsibilities… we would hang out for hours on end!

Life goes on, and we had to come home yesterday, do laundry, and go grocery shopping before the week begins tomorrow.  I know that promised you all bacon cheeseburger quesadillas, but my neighbor shared with me her discovery in my compost bin this morning, and I just HAD to share 🙂

Regular old compost bin, right?

Oh, but wait:

Is that…

Could that be…

A melon vine 🙂

and it’s growing in and around the compost bin 🙂

Funny thing is that I had two little seedlings… which I thought were both melon vines.  One happened to be a weed.  That’s the one I left in the garden.  The other was the real deal, and it got sent to compost!


Bears vs Packers Kubb

Yesterday morning, we sent this beauty out in the mail…..

Yes, it is a Bears vs Packer s Custom Kubb set.  You might be asking yourself, why the King is silver… the client wanted it to resemble the super bowl trophy.  I thought it was creative… and if I thought there was any way to pull it off, I would have made asked Matt to carve it out.

Here’s a couple other close up shots:

Now, don’t be deceived… for some reason my camera makes the Krylon Oxford Blue look like Cubbie blue, but I can assure it, it is not!  It turned out to be the perfect dark shade of blue, but not navy.

I am pretty pleased with this set, yet again.  And, cannot wait for another custom set to come our way… who knows when it will be or what they will want, just always hoping that I don’t have to do some weird Hawkeye thing 🙂

The Wife of My Husband’s Dreams…

If you have ever been one of those lucky people to live with me or, better yet, one of the lucky few to have shared an actual bedroom with me, you can testify without a shadow of a doubt that the following statement is true:

I am a messy.  I leave my stuff laying around.  And, it takes me a long time for it to bother me enough to DO something about it.

The greatest perpetrator in this throughout history is my laundry:  there is a pile system, and the hamper.  Often times I have a few pairs of semi-clean jeans/work pants that have been worn once, and will be worn again before washing.  There is the stack of things that came off of hangers, and were tried on but rejected for public viewing.  Usually the pjs are thrown somewhere near the bed.  Last but not least:  there is the hamper which houses the dirty laundry.

In recent days… namely the last year and a half, the laundry is much more controlled than it ever has been thanks to a few closet hooks, and a very small bedroom.  However, I have managed to spread myself throughout the entire 876 square feet of our home.  There is now the lunch bag slash purse slash whatever stuff I take to work and bring home pile.  Then, there is the pile of currently reading library books… and let’s be honest, sometimes there are two of those piles!  There is the constant rotation of dirty dishes in the kitchen from various cooking projects.  An assortment of acrylic paints and sponge brushes and various widths of painter’s tape in the basement.  The puzzle of Cinderella’s castle I started putting together, but haven’t had much of a life enough to finish in the past month….  I think you get the picture.

Enter my dearly beloved husband into my life:  he greatly appreciates a clutter-free and clean home, and was able to maintain said cleanliness in his many years as a bachelor.  For him, a clutter free home means he can be at peace, he can relax, he can rest.  If he comes home and sees clutter or messies, he just thinks of the stuff that he needs to do.

Enter my Mosaic training classes this month.

A couple weeks ago, I had a safety class.  They talked about how when we have someone living with us it is important to provide them a clean, safe environment.  This means no clutter, a clean toilet, organized book piles, and so on, and so forth.  This is good, this makes sense.  IT ALSO FREAKS ME OUT!!!  Yes, I have an amazingly wonderful husband who will be a great help to me, but the truth is:  I got to get my act together!!!!

In short, I was expressing my great anguish over the subject at small group a couple weeks ago, my dear, dear friend chuckled and said, “Well, now Matt will have the wife of his dreams.”  AGH!  SO TRUE!

Enter my newest acquisition:  Martha Stweart’s Homekeeping Handbook.  I checked it out at the library last week, and ordered me a copy today on amazon.  My first goal, aim, challenge in becoming the wife of my husband’s dreams lies in Martha’s six things to do everyday checklist:

  • Make the bed
  • Manage clutter
  • Sort the mail
  • Clean as you cook
  • Wipe up spills when they’re fresh
  • Sweep the kitchen floor.

I can’t say that I’ve become accomplished at these tasks, but have surprisingly come a long way!!!  The thing that I am most amazed with is cleaning up spills when they happen:  namely on the stove top!  It’s SO easy to keep the stove top clean now 🙂  I love it!

Stay tuned, who knows what is going to happen as I dig deeper into Martha’s world of housekeeping!!

Painter’s Tape…


I snapped this last night after expertly removing this bundle of painter’s tape from the kubb pieces I was finishing up…  I kinda thought it looked cool.

In other news, my Monday Madness is over as of today… wohooo!  I am nearly trained, and won’t have to take any more classes until October! I will be celebrating by having two busy but very fun weekends ahead of me!