One Month (and two days)

One month ago our precious Susanna Marie made her appearance in this world and in our lives….

Needless to say, she has changed a LOT over the last month!

One Month

She is one LONG baby… ranking in the 95th percentile.  Her hair, which was plentiful to begin with, has grown a lot in the last month, and she can sport quite the flock of seagulls fauxhawk look.  She has rolled over from back to stomach about three times… all while on the couch, so we only partially count it as rolling over.  She has begun to ‘practice’ smiling… we say practice because it isn’t AT us, it’s just while she’s asleep or  after she’s passed some gas!  On the average,,she only wakes up once a night, and lets Mom sleep in two four to five hour segments.  This means that she eats every two hours on the dot during the morning and afternoon, but I’ll take that 🙂

I am doing great!  My blood pressure is returning to normal after having preclampsia, and my body is recovered quite well.  I am thankful that we are starting to settle into a bit of a routine, and extremely glad that we usually only have one bad night or bad day at a time, and then she goes back to my happy laid back little baby.  I am extremely happy to be staying home!  I am also equally as excited to leave the house when the opportunity presents itself, and I’m learning to be proficient at lugging her around on the bus with stroller and all!

We’ve been blessed with a lot of yummy meals from our friends, which is coming to a close this week.  So, I am looking forward to returning to my kitchen full time!  I am sure that it is going to be an adventure learning to cook with baby girl afoot!  It gives me great motivation to finish my baby carrier 🙂

Matt seems to be adjusting well to fatherhood.  He really enjoyed getting to feed her in the hospital (she was in the NICU and I was on bedrest) and we’ve kept that as part of our evening routine… daddy does the bedtime feeding.  He has taken to calling Susanna ‘pumpkin’ and it’s quite adorable 🙂

In other news, I am excited to have a few baby free excursions planned for next week 🙂  It is kind of convenient to have a live in baby sitter, and a one month old who takes a bottle!  We’re going to go out for dinner to celebrate Matt’s birthday on Wednesday and then on Saturday we’re going to have dinner out at Blue Moon to celebrate Autumn’s birthday.  I’m looking forward to it, though I still have a hard time thinking about being separated from baby girl…


Baby Bump…


Baby girl is officially full term now at 37 weeks.  She could come any time, though I would prefer her to wait a couple weeks so that I can  squeeze in a few last clients into work.  If you’ve been stalking me, you will find that I have uploaded all of one baby bump profile picture…  I have to admit that I find taking these pictures highly awkward, and if it were up to me the only pictures you would get are from my point of view:

From this point of view, I love my baby bump.  I’ve enjoyed seeing and feeling her grow, and i can hardly believe that in a month give or take she is going to make her arrival!  But, I know that everyone wants to see the money shot…. so, here you go:

I have been so thankful to have had a normal, healthy pregnancy up to this point, and pray that theme continues 🙂



The Baby’s Room…

Naturally, with our first baby on the way, people have been asking me if I’m almost done setting up our nursery.  The answer to that question is yes, but no.  We have cleared out most of our stuff from the room, except for a few items that need to remain in non-basement storage.  We also added a chair rail into the room,a nd repainted….

The color I chose is tallpot palm from Sherwin Williams….  and I love it!  It’s bold and fun, yet sitting in the room is calming to me and peaceful.  My favorite part is that it stands out different from the rest of the house!  I love our house, and the paint colors we’ve chosen!  But, it’s fun to have something different, and more cool toned.

The other main project in the room itself is currently on pause…. we are redoing the built in closet slash storage area….

Previously this space had a weird gray brown trim with cream colored doors.   I simply wanted to strip the paint from the trim and repaint the doors, but we quickly realized there were many, many layers of paint on the trim and Matt decided to replace the trim entirely with new.  That went pretty smoothly.  Then, he went to rehang the doors and  soon realized that they were not even remotely square!

After some deliberation and a fair amount of research about alternate closet systems and methods, we simply decided to build new doors.  Matt had been steadily working on cutting out new doors when this summer’s weather and our crazy life would allow for the extra time and energy.  The plan was just to make new flush mounted doors like the space used to have, letting us reuse all the hinges and whatnot.

After much stress last week, we realized neither one of us like that plan!  For Matt, it has been very frustrating to get the doors cut out just right, and he’s been fearful of trying to hang them to look seamless and professional.  For me, I just didn’t like the look and would rather have doors that were surface mounted like cabinets.  How on EARTH we had not communicated this to one another before last week…. seriously, it has been months where this has been the plan… is beyond me!  He thought I wanted it put back like before, and I thought that he didn’t think it would structurally work to do it the other way.  Oh dear! I’m just glad we figured it out before it was too late!  I think we’re BOTH going to be happier and less stressed with the end result 🙂

Now, we wait.  My sister moved into the spare room over the weekend and will be staying with us until she gets settled here in Des Moines.  She has graciously agreed to put up with the lack of closet doors, and the green paint that doesn’t quite ‘go’ with her bedding.  We will be revisiting the door sitch once we have a clear design plan, and save up a little more moola to buy material again 🙂  (side note, I’m glad that I have plenty of other projects already in mind to reuse the wood we already have)

Baby girl will be residing in the living room slash our bedroom for the time being… and I have no real clue what I’m going to do to pull her room together!  Our next project is going to be to convert a dresser into a changing table, and refinish it.  I finally decided on a design concept for it today, and I’m kind of excited about it 🙂  Sadly, it will probably look just a little out of place in the living room over the next few months, but I’m sure we’ll get over it.