Hi, I’m Angie… that is me: on the right  I live in Des Moines, IA though my heart will always be in Ames.  “A Pinch of This” reflects my cooking style, and my lifestyle.  I am incredibly laid back in the kitchen, and am always looking to add my touch to a dish.  I started blogging after I got married, and moved away from Ames.  I used to be able to readily share my cooking with roommates and friends nearby.  My cooking has gotten more varied since Matt prefers me to change it up quite a bit, so it’s always fun to share what I’m excited about at the moment.

Outside of the kitchen, I am also incredibly laid back 🙂  I am a terrible housekeeper, and depend upon my husband to keep said kitchen clean.  Someday we will have a family, but right now we are waiting to become a host home, or foster home, to an adult with an intellectual disability.  I help my husband make and sell a lawn game called Kubb.  We have a blast playing, and making this game!  And, I work as a hairdresser.  I’d like to teach myself how to embroider, and sew in general.  I would also like to be better at keeping in touch with my family and friends… but hopefully this blog of my life happenings will help fill in the gaps 🙂

Thanks for stopping by… linger awhile if you’d like!  Feel free to make my recipes your own, and let me know how it goes!




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