crock pot

Today we bought a new crock pot.  Our old one died a suddenly sad death a few weeks ago…. and so did the poor unfortunate roast I was attempting to cook!  I got a 7 quart oval stainless steel for $25.  WOOT!!!!

I looked at lots of pots…. and finally decided that if I could find one bigger than 5 quarts that wasn’t digital…. I was in for it!  Thankfully this guy has stepped up to the challenge.

Now, I have a roast in the freezer and am contemplating a new method of cooking….. I used to always use a tried and true can of cream of mushroom soup.  However, after the morning when I woke up to bloody soup and a raw roast, I will not be using this method again!

So:  long story short:  HOW DO YOU COOK YOUR CROCK POT ROAST???


3 Comments on “crock pot”

  1. Bethany says:

    roast, packet of onion soup mix, a little water, baby carrots, onions… BAM. amazing pot roast. have you even made one using a can of pepsi? i’m intrigued but too scarred to try it.

    • angieclaus says:

      a. i’m scared of onion soup now. i used it for something and all i tasted was salty onion soup.

      b. i’m contemplating random pop roast…. my grandma is all about her diet coke roast…. do you think diet dr pepper would work??

  2. Mandy says:

    I use some Italian dressing and water. Usually I get a normal size bottle of the dressing and use half of it. I really am curious how the can of pop works though

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