life update

Since it has been a LONG time, and I just need to start putting stuff out there, here in no particular order are the things that have been going on in my my life:

  • We have decided to keep the kittens.  By kittens,  mean cats.  They are completely spastic and wonderful.   Our new pastimes has been playing with their lazer mouse 🙂
  • I finally hung things on the walls in my living rooms!!
  • I still haven’t painted my window trim
  • coincidentally we still have white sheets as window treatments.
  • I kinda suck at being a housekeeper, and it’s starting to show just a little.
  • I’ve worked one sunday this month, and I will be working today, which makes two Sundays this month.   I don’t like that.  But, I went to church last night.
  • And, it was good.

In other news, Matt and I have been married for almost a third of a year now.  We’ve gone through some phases in four months….. and are starting to settle into life together.  I love everything about our marriage!

I bought a new rug for the kitchen this week:  when Matt saw it, he laughed uncontrollably.  I think because I’ve been talking about this rug for some time, and because it finally went on a decent sale, and I just sorta bought it, without saying a word to him!

And….  I have every intention of painting my window trim this weekend!!!


3 Comments on “life update”

  1. Bethany says:

    why EVER did you change the title of this post??


  2. alisa says:

    HERE, I went to church with you B. give me some blog love.

    • angieclaus says:

      It’s true…… Alisa Link went to church with me on Saturday night… Plus, we hung out for hours before and after. Truthfully, Alisa made Saturday night awesome.

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